The Restaurant

Immerse yourself in the true essence of Italian flair. The delicacy and bold nature of Mediterranean flavors produce an irresistible taste experience.

We devote utmost attention to the ingredients’ selection, enhancing them in recipes that set innovative gems within traditional compositions. The finest Italian cuisine is rediscovered in the distinctive flavors that bind it to this land.

To let our glorious past shine and make it shine brighter today, we entrusted the kitchen to a Florentine, Luigi Incrocci. As a true chef, he has taken up the challenge of serving the highest quality in one of the most touristy and visited squares in the world.

"Finally being able to eat quality food sitting in Piazza della Signoria, I think this is the most beautiful gift Rivoire can give to Florence and to the Florentines."
A loyal customer

"To finally be able to sit down in Piazza della Signoria and eat quality food is, I think, the best gift Rivoire can give to Florence and the Florentines."
A loyal customer

"My goal is to amaze with simplicity," Luigi began, "as a good Tuscan, I love true authenticity, which corresponds with quality, respect for food, and seasonality.

My job often aims at re-elaborate traditional recipes, setting myself the goal of bringing out their hidden flavors and peculiarities.

Certainly, as a sanguine Tuscan, I do not disdain playing with combinations, but always respecting the raw materials."