There are realities that resemble fairy tales, entrepreneurial stories that keep a heritage of knowledge, magic and quality intact over the centuries. Becoming history.
Just like RIVOIRE®.
Enrico Rivoire was born in Turin, the capital since 1563, when Emanuele Filiberto I of Savoia moved the court here from Chambery, celebrating with the first hot chocolate in history.

Enrico's mastery led him to become the official chocolate supplier to the royal family of Turin. So it was that he chose to follow the court to Italy's new capital, Florence, where in 1872 he opened a new establishment and "steam chocolate factory" to offer the divine nectar, the fruit of his experience and mastery, just a few steps from Palazzo Vecchio.
The love that binds RIVOIRE® and Florence also begins with the gratifying ecstasy of a cup of chocolate.

The Present

At RIVOIRE® you can still breathe the elegant atmosphere of nineteenth-century cafes. Today, as then, ancient exotic luxury awakens in dense or crispy delights, in scents and original recipes expertly prepared by master pastry chefs and maitre chocolatiers.

The taste of chocolate today is anticipated by the restaurant, a workshop where antiques original recipes are renewed by skillful international touches. The dishes we serve tell of magical moments of conviviality, sharing and goodness.

RIVOIRE® is the custodian of an ancient history, handed down from one generation to another and makes us what we still are today. We write the future with the utmost attention, sensitivity and respect for our origins, as well as for the places that host us. We embrace the past and repropose it in a modern key.

The Future

RIVOIRE® is an example of Italian and Florentine tradition and sophistication. Since its origins in Piazza della Signoria, it has been an open space to the world's delights, delicacies and gratifying pleasures capable of awakening the senses.

Exponent for authentic Made in Italy, with 150 years of experience we cultivate the dream of bringing the poetry of excellence to the world, as ambassadors of taste, happiness and quality.
The next step will be the opening of the new store in Milan, in the district of Brera, the perfect place with a mix of fashion, art and good flavour.