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RIVOIRE® is the magic of chocolate, from popular cup chocolates to the great classics such as spreadable creams and the timeless spoonable chocolate, through a selection of pralines and bars to the most modern creations, made in the tradition of one of the oldest Italian brands.

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Every occasion and moment of life can be made sweet by immersing it in this magic.

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Chocolates and pralines

Pralines, ingots, gianduiotti: a unique symphony of flavours expressed through high quality ingredients processed with craftsmanship. A delight for the eyes and the palate to be enjoyed and shared with those you love.

Spreadable creams

Happiness is a hazelnut cream that slowly melts in the mouth, one taste after another, while its consistency reveals intense and profound scents: a journey of the senses enclosed in a refined jar.


Rivoire bars are love letters that tell the story of chocolate in all its most authentic expressions. Delicate shades of flavour that harmonise in original shapes and compositions from all over the world.


Cantucci represent an evocative tradition expressed in sweet variations of goodness. Rivoire's confectionery proposals rework the great classics with a touch of creative fantasy and the highest quality ingredients.

Marmalade and whole fruit

The sweetest expressions of nature find fulfilment in our selection of jams and marmalades, each jar encompassing enveloping aromas and colours, ideal for flavouring a dessert or indulging in a delicious snack.

Chocolate and Surroundings

The aromas of chocolate in all its many shades, the most exclusive taste proposed with refined elegance and style: the most authentic expression of Florentine flavours enclosed in precious luxury packaging.


The purity of honey combined in refined-tasting compositions, unique scents and fragrances that capture the most refined essence of this natural product. Rivoire jars are enriched with delicious proposals with dried fruit.



A pampering of well-being with the quality of Rivoire fragrances: creams, cleansers, balms and shower foams with cream or chocolate, diffusers with elegant packaging to add a touch of perfumed refinement to all your environments.

Complete catalog

Immersing yourself in the Rivoire catalog is taking a journey through exclusive aromas, scents and surprising confectionery creations: all the endings of the taste of a historic brand that passionately reworks the flavors of tradition.

Nascita di venere

Sandro Botticelli
Gli Uffizzi, Firenze
1445 - 1510


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