Anthology of orange honeys

Anthology of orange honeys

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In a hypothetical ranking of Italian unifloral honeys, orange honey is second only to acacia honey in notoriety and popularity. Orange honey is always very light in color; it can be straw yellow when liquid, but in its solid state it should tend toward white. It is generally finely crystallized with soft crystals that give a pleasant melting sensation in the mouth. The very delicate flavor and fragrance are unmistakably reminiscent of the orange blossoms on which the bees have foraged. It is one of the most widely used honeys in confectionery, especially in the preparation of nougat. Smell: Floral, of orange blossom flowers. Taste: Sweet, with floral sensors and slightly fruity notes.


Weight: 400gr


Store in a cool and dry place
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Ingredients: water, sugar, acids, protein, mineral salts.