Anthology of honeydew honeys

Anthology of honeydew honeys

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The main characteristic of this honey comes from its high content of enzymes and mineral salts. For this reason it is one of the favorite for those who practice sports. It has a reputation as a health product due to the countless substances it contains, some present in infinitesimal quantities, capable of reacting positively in our bodies. Forest honeydew, unlike other classic honeys, is not produced starting from the nectar of flowers but from the collection by bees of the sugary secretions present on different plant species of the wild forest realms. It is dark in color, sometimes almost pitch-like, and is always in a liquid state. Both the scent and the flavor are very characteristic and distinctive, different from nectar honeys so much so that forest honeydew very often is appreciated even by not honey lovers.


Weight: 400gr


Store in a cool and dry place
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Ingredients: water, sugar, acids, protein, mineral salts.