Dandelion honey

Dandelion honey

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Dandelion honey is produced in early spring, when the countryside begins to turn the characteristic yellow of the flower from whose nectar this honey comes. Dandelion honey belongs to the category of very aromatic honeys. It is by far one of the honeys that crystallizes the fastest due to its high glucose content and consequent low ratio was fructose to glucose (F/G ratio), which averages less than 1 (while a honey that naturally remains liquid such as acacia has an F/G ratio greater than 1.5). The color is clear, ivory-yellow in the solid state. In the mouth, the aroma is nuanced, pleasant, chamomile-infused, with a distinctly fresh feel. This note of freshness in the mouth is due to the naturally very fine type of crystallization, which gives rise to a creamy mass, very pleasing and with excellent spreadability. 


Weight: 250gr


Store in a cool and dry place
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Ingredients: water, sugar, acids, protein, mineral salts, dandelion flowers.