Palazzo Vecchio Sur Lago Dark Chocolate 70%

Palazzo Vecchio Sur Lago Dark Chocolate 70%

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Delicious 70% Dark Chocolate ingots made with " Sur del Lago " cocoa from Maracaibo, in the lush plantations of a land considered to be the world capital of high quality cocoa and the ancestral cradle of cocoa as we know it today. This variety gives off notes of fruit and nuts and leaves a supreme aftertaste of chocolate. Delicate and very fresh aroma, hints of almonds and coffee, low sourness and bitterness, great finesse and elegance and long persistence.Venezuela's Sur Del Lago cocoa is one of the world's finest varieties, with delicate flavours of hazelnuts and almonds. Slight aftertaste of red berries and a hint of spice, concluding with a pleasant roundness and persistence in the mouth.


Store in a cool and dry place
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Cocoa Mass (70%min), Sugar, Cocoa Butter

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