Anthology of mixed-flower honeys

Anthology of mixed-flower honeys

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Millefiori honey is harvested in the summer months in our Po Valley and contains an innumerable amount of flowers that bloom at the same time (mint, clover, solidago, acacia, melilot...). Millefiori are defined as those honeys that cannot be classified as monofloral because they are the result of the union of several concurrent blooms. For this reason, millefiori honey best expresses the richness and typicality of an area, summed up with by the bees in a splendid harmony of color and flavor. As honey it is excellent for desserts and delicious in milk in the morning. Due to its rather heterogeneous characteristics it goes well with all kinds of cheeses.


Weight: 400gr


Store in a cool and dry place
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Ingredients: water, sugar, acids, protein, mineral salts.