Lime tree honey

Lime tree honey

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Linden honey is produced between June and July from the flowers of wild linden plants. The peculiarity that makes this honey easily recognizable is the menthol aroma, which is distinctly noticeable on both olfactory and, more importantly, gustatory examination. The marked aroma is accompanied by a diffuse sense of freshness, a lingering aroma with almost balsamic hints of medicinal herbs and fresh spices. Lime tree honey retains the natural properties typical of the flowers from which it originates. For this reason it is the most suitable honey for evening herbal tea. Lime tree honey owes its unmistakable fragrance to the presence of more than 100 different aromatic substances. Lime blossoms are the most attractive to bees, which prefer them to any other contemporary blooms. This is why it is possible to produce pure linden honey even in the presence of other plants that bloom at the same time and in the same places (primarily Chestnut).


Weight: 250gr


Store in a cool and dry place
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Ingredients: water, sugar, acids, protein, mineral salts.